identity AG goes eIDAS based on Open eCard

[Michelau, 8th of January 2019] Open technologies for electronic identities (eID) and trust services according to the eIDAS-Regulation are enjoying increasing popularity. With identity Trust Management AG, the growing Open eCard Community has now gained another prominent supporter.

Open eCard Library is the first Open Source "eID-Kernel" according to BSI TR-03124

The Open eCard project has recently released the world's first Open Source "eID-Kernel" according to the technical guideline BSI TR-03124 (eID-Client) of the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI). Thanks to the free Open eCard Library for Android, electronic identification with the German eID card (Personalausweis) can now be directly integrated into corresponding smartphone apps. So far, this innovative and trustworthy Open Source technology has already been successfully used by the districts of Lichtenfels and Kulmbach in the area of "Smart Mobility" for the local "FiftyFifty Taxi" project. In addition, further fields of applications in the area of electronic signatures, which are currently being developed in the EU-funded "FutureTrust" project, are expected to follow soon.

identity mobilizes identification with trusted Open eCard technology

identity Trust Management AG is now using the trustworthy Open eCard technology in various regulated industries, such as banks, insurance companies, telecommunication companies and trust service providers, for highly secure mobile identity verification based on the eID function of the German eID card. "In the sensitive area of identity management, open sources are a very important prerequisite for a trustworthy system. In addition to the availability as Open Source, Open eCard has in particularly impressed by the proven support of the relevant guidelines of the BSI and international standards as well as its flexibility and expandability, since the high certification standard of identity AG must be maintained," adds Uwe Stelzig, CEO of identity Trust Management AG. "On this basis, we are pleased to be able to offer another innovative building block in identity AG's Identity Management System for mobile identity verification, which meets even the highest demands of our internationally operating customers and our national and European certifications".

The integration of the Open eCard technology into the identity management system of identity TM AG will take place step by step in 2019 while maintaining the native user experience both in the online remote procedures (identity video, identity giro) and in the face to face procedures (identity shop, identity courier and identity PoS).

About the Open eCard-Project

The Open eCard Team ( consists of industrial and academic experts, who have joined forces to provide an Open Source and platform independent implementation of ISO/IEC 24727, such that arbitrary applications can easily access arbitrary smart cards for authentication and signature purposes. A first result of the project was the Open eCard App, which has been the first Open Source eID-Client certificated according to BSI TR-03124 and now also the first Open Source eID-Kernel for Android and the first free ChipGateway-Client.

About identity Trust Management AG

identity Trust Management AG emerged in October 2015 from the takeover of the technology start-up idvos GmbH by the identification provider ID 8 AG. With its range of offline and online identification channels, the Düsseldorf-based company is the leading technology and system provider of certified identification solutions for individuals and companies. Among the customers of identity Trust Management AG are Deutsche Telekom, 1&1, DATEV, GMX and WEB.DE. Major shareholders are Dr. Stefan Lippe and Gabriela Lippe-Holst via their holding company Acqupart Holding AG. The company's Supervisory Board is headed by Prof. Dr. Wolfram Wrabetz. Other members are Daniel Goldscheider, CEO of Yes AG, who also acts as an investor, and Evelyn Taylor.

About ecsec GmbH

ecsec is a specialized vendor of innovative solutions in the sector of security in the information and communication technology, security management, smart card technology, identity management, web security and electronic signature technology. Based on experiences from several consulting projects with international reach ecsec GmbH counts to the leading providers in this sector and supports well known customers within the conception and implementation of tailor-made solutions. Due to the observance of current results of science and technology and current and future international standards, an excellent consulting quality and sustainable customer prosperity are guaranteed. For example, ecsec developed the Open eCard App, which is the first and only open source eID client certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The company also received numerous international awards for its innovative SkIDentity service, which allows the use of „Mobile eID as a Service“ and innovative signature services in accordance with the eIDAS regulation.

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Dr. Detlef Hühnlein

Project Manager Open eCard

c/o ecsec GmbH

Sudetenstraße 16

96247 Michelau, Germany


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